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Waller & Wood Woodworks was born out of a necessity for something different. What started out as a hobby to complement our day jobs in professional sport and fulfil a need to work with our hands formed a business that is thriving and we can't wait to grow further.


Tom Wood is a former England rugby international, Northampton Saints captain and co-founder of Waller and Wood Woodworks.

Woodwork started as a way to nurture a need to do something different away from the 'day job', playing rugby, and a way to fuel his passions. As well as being a fully accredited tree surgeon, Tom specialises in creating live edge furniture as well as boards and blocks.

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Alex Waller is a current Northampton Saints rugby player and former first team captain.

Now in his 15th professional year, Alex co-founded Waller and Wood Woodworks as a hobby to challenge himself outside of his profession, and soon teamed up with Tom. Together they work to produce large scale pieces.

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